Thursday, June 5, 2008

Allllllllll by Myself!

Ryan leaves Sunday to be a counselor at church camp, leaving me alone for the first time in our 6 months of marriage! How will I get by?? Catching up on sleeping, rearranging the bedroom, a probable trip to Hobby Lobby, not washing tons of smelly workout clothes, not cooking, and these other things on my list!

Jon and Kate Plus 8!

Ryan and I have gotten so hooked on this show! The kids are adorable, but they seriously do help remind me to take my BC every night. I have a DVR full of episodes to catch up on! Aeden and Alexis our my faves!

Mario Kart for Wii

I'd be lying if I said I won't play this at least once while Ryan's gone. I've never been very much of a video game player, but this one is so fun! If only I could learn not to over correct...

Vacation Planning!

I think we finally decided to go skiing in Colorado this winter. Now I just have to decide where to stay. Our top choices right now are Beaver Creek, Winter Park, Keystone, and Breckenridge.

I really want the full snow lodge experience with hot tubs, big fire places, lots of shopping, and possibly a spa? Leave me a comment if have any thoughts!

Hurry home Ry! I hope the week goes by fast, because I will miss my goodbye hug and kiss before work, your corny jokes, and having someone to steal the covers from :)

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