Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike!

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence! Lots going on in my life , and currently taking all of the attention (and not letting me watch things like The View and Oprah) is the major hurricane hitting Houston and Galveston tonight. We are staying in Katy and ridin it out in our apartment. I promise to update (with pictures) hopefully by Monday. The most we expect is strong winds, heavy rain, and no power. However I am truly concerned about Galveston and the Texas Gulf Coast, so keep them in your toughts and prayers. I am especially worried about the sick and elderly who were not able to evacuate. On the agenda for Ryan and I tonight is watching "Smart People", playing our new OFFICE trivia DVD game, eating popcorn, and watching the storm from the safety of our apartment!

This has been a crazy experience, and we are never sure what will happen next!

Next week I promise to blog about my new job, new car, and Sarah Palin...

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The Kendalls said...

hey sarah! some of your friends (the thompsons) left a message on our blog that they'd like to be added but didn't leave an email address! would you happen to know what their email is? thanks!!!