Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Monday I entered the second half of my twenties. The first half was undoubtedly marked with more life changes than I will probably ever experience in another 5 year span. There were many ups and downs, heartache, uncertainty, and excitement, but as I begin the downward slide into thirty (!) I can honestly say I've never been happier in my life!

To celebrate my bday weekend, Ryan and I went out to eat with several friends at Pappasitos (yes!) which was tons of fun. Then on my actual bday I took the day off work, slept in, shopped, and had lunch with my mom, and hung out with Ryno at his CC practice! The only picture I took unfortunately is this one - I was wearing my new cute shirt (thanks, Grandma!).

And... I did find out where we are going for our Anniversary trip! The beautiful Sedona, Arizona! I can't wait!!

Jealous?? : )

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Lindsay G said...

I hope you had an awesome birthday!! I can't believe we are 25!