Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are they hiring?

Everyone knows Google is the coolest. I LOVE my gmail, google reader, analytics and all the other applications that have made my life easier. But, have you heard about this??


Aka google headquarters. With offices all around the world, google is committed to innovation in the workplace. Their offices are unlike any corporate offices you will ever find, and they maintain the culture of putting the employee first. Here's a quote from Google's Top 10 Reasons you Should Work for us:

"Work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to code and pass the puck at the same time."

Take a look at some pictures from the offices

Free snacks

Guitar Hero!

Swiss Miss Cable car offices ( ? )

Relaxation rooms

Long line for the elevator? Take the slide instead!

Here are some of the many benefits they offer as an employee
  • FREE gourmet lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • On site Doctor, dentist, massage therapist, dry cleaners, car wash, gym, credit union, and laundromat
  • You can bring your pet to work
  • 18 week(!) maternity leave with 100% pay
  • 7 week paternity leave with 100% pay
  • They give you $5000 towards adoption fees
  • If you are a new parent, they give you $500 towards take-out meals
Isn't that crazy? They truly understand the need for work/life balance! Let's hope other companies *cough* M. D. Anderson *cough* jump on the bandwagon!

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