Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Confessions of a pincushion

This is what my arms looked like after my doctors appointment last week. It took them over 30 minutes, several tries in each arm, blood pressure cuffs, and lots of digging around. This is a regular occurrence when I donate or have blood tests done.

This is one of several "issues" I have had with needles over the years. Others include:

  • at 17 years old being told that I had hepatitis B after I gave blood at school. After several trips to specialists, I was told I was of a very small percent of the population who sometimes test positive for Hep B, but don't carry the disease. okay...I guess I'll take their word for it. To this day, I'm still not allowed to donate blood.

  • when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, the doctor didn't notice that the IV needle was not actually in a vein (probably since they are apparantly so hard to find) and therefore I was not recieving any anesthesia. I know this because he started the surgery, and I was not asleep. Everyone's biggest nightmare. I alerted the doctor (through screaming) that I could feel him slicing into my gums and he promptly fixed the problem. When I woke up my arm was about 3 times its size because all that tissue was filled with the medicine that my veins didn't get.

Kind of ironic that I now work on an acupuncture study, huh?

Please tell me these things happen to other people...but sadly I don't think they do!

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Emily said...

Once, like four or five years ago, I had to do a blood test and I got an eight inch bruise on my arm. It was really gross. Then, when I was pregnant with Cason, the last seven weeks, I had to do blood tests TWICE A WEEK because the doc was concerned about my kidneys. I guess my arms got used to it, because they didn't bruise anymore after that.