Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soccer Widow

We interrupt this marriage to bring you soccer season...

Don't get me wrong. I love soccer. Despite the freezing cold, 40 minute halves, it is the sport that brought us:

However, the schedule really is insane. Especially when you note that there are usually 3 games (a varisty, and 2 JV) that my husband stays for. Here is coach's schedule for the week:

Monday: soccer game at 5
Tuesday: Soccer game - 1 hour away
Wednesday: regular soccer practice
Thursday - Saturday: Soccer tournament - 1 hour away; soccer practice for his team

March can't come fast enough!

Coach's wives, can I get an amen?


Emily said...

Oh Sarah.
I've been a coach's widow for 8 years now. I totally understand.

I wish it was something that every could understand, but it isn't. People who aren't in it can't possibly comprehend the amount of time it takes.

Prep-E Girl said...


Thanks for the nice comment! I will have to check out your blog - I love making new blog friends!

As for the chap stick test. I was so excited, it was going great! Then (so icky) I got a cold sore (ewwwie!). I didn't want to post about it because, well, cold sores are gross. So, the test had to be put on hiatus.

Anyway, I have still been experimenting and found the that the best combination (for me, at least) is lots of water during the day with Rosebud Salve. At night and morning, I use Mary Kay's Satin Lips and that's fantastic!!!

Hope that helps!