Monday, February 23, 2009

Loathe of the week

I had to go to the grocery store today...

Lately this has become one of my least favorite chores. I'm not really sure why, but I dread it.
Maybe its because:
  • everything has become more expensive
  • its a constant battle between what I want to buy (ice cream) and what I should buy (things with high protien, high fiber, low taste)
  • It is always sooo crowded after work
  • Walking through the meat section is cold enough to keep me freezing the rest of the time I'm at the store.
  • We live in an apartment and kill ourselves bringing everything up in one trip, so we don't have to go back down three flights of stairs to the car for the second load
  • I hate putting groceries away, but if I don't do it, things never seem to end up in the right (or at least somewhat logical) place

I can't wait until Amazon Fresh goes nation wide. You pick out your items online and they deliver it to your door the next morning. What a genius idea.

Do you guys hate grocery shopping too? Or is it just me??


Sarah said...

It's like you're speaking to my soul.

Today, I carried everything in one trip and nearly died.

Although I actually enjoy the buying process, minus paying for it.

Texan Couture said...

David & I live on the 2nd floor so its not too bad but I dread the store as well. I do not like to go on weekends because who likes chores on weekends and then week nights are crowded and I hate not being able to fully browse for what I want.

La vie est belle! said...

I hate grocery shopping...our local stores are just packed to the brim by the time I'm off work...standing in lines is not my favorite thing! Amazon Fresh sounds too good to be true!

Callie said...

I hate grocery shopping as well. I always seem to spend way more than I intended... and it always takes so long. Plus with my little man tagging along for the trip it makes for fun times with whining and fits, unless we stop by McDonalds first and grab some french fries. Then he is occupied the entire time! Just more money... but it keeps mommy happy!

Summer Fish said...

Tim and I lived on the 3rd floor in our apartment, and we would put a big plastic laundry bin in the back seat to put all the groceries in. It helped a ton and had handels so Tim would carry one side and I would get the other side... it was a ton better than carrying 30 bags and cutting off the circulation in our arms!