Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe this should tell me something?

Coach and I looove the Nestle Tollhouse Cafe. They have the best iced sugar cookies! Usually when we go it's already after 7pm, and they are out of the sugar cookies which makes me very sad because I have to get plain chocolate chip. Apparently we go a little too often, because as soon as we walked into the store last night, the girl working said "Finally you got here when we still have your iced sugar cookies left"!

I was so embarrassed!

I think I will lay low in cookie stores for awhile. Or at least just make my own...


Brandi said...

LOL Well uh I am at least glad you got there in time to get what you really wanted. : D

Mrs. D said...

If you keep going maybe they will start to hold one back for you. :)