Friday, February 13, 2009

a sigh of relief...

Okay yall. Yesterday was crazy. In a very complicated series of events, I thought I might have lost my job.

Of course it wasn't because of something I had done, or even the bad economy, it was just a simple case of Sarah got screwed.

Basically, it is all because of the fact that I work in research, and get paid through soft funds, which means that my salary money is based on outside grants - not hospital money. So if a grant runs out, or you don't receive a grant you thought you would, then there could be problems. That wasn't the only issue, but the rest is far too complicated.

Anyway, since everything was so complicated, I spent last night freaking out about all this and considering every tiny detail and possibility, because of course this is what I do.

After a couple of meetings this morning, all parties believe we are in the clear (for now at least). I can keep my job, and try to pretend that none of yesterday happened! I think my lesson in this was to not be so complacent, because when I was really fearful yesterday, the first thing I did (after crying) was sign up for the admissions seminar at one of the nursing schools. I finally am taking the first steps to live my dream!

The irony in all of this is that literally the Obama stimulus plan might have saved my job. I am not kidding. Part of the bill gives a ton of money to the National Institute of Health who is about to fund a couple of things my specific department is working on. So thank you taxpayers NIH for letting me keep my job! Muaah!

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