Friday, February 6, 2009

Today begins the Biggest Loser Challenge at work. I am actually pretty excited about it. It goes from today until May 1st, which happens to be the month my brother gets married - perfect timing! We put in money, and split the pot between the person who loses the most amount of weight and the person who loses the highest percentage of weight. Our bosses are also throwing in a day off. It's pretty much the best incentive ever, and basically I am going to win!

I hope to chronicle my progress here (but only if I'm doing well, obviously)! So let me take a moment to say goodbye to some of my friends (at least until May):

I might still have some... just not near as many.

Oh. my. gosh. This is the best ice cream known to man. It's been long overdue that I give this up. It had way to much control over me!

My beloved iced sugar cookies as well as all other Valentine's candy

I also asked my parents to participate in our own challenge as well. Watch out people. I am going to be rich and thin!

*Obama, please do not tax my sizable capital gains from weight loss competitions! :)


Mrs. D said...

OHH I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Americone Dream is my favorite! Good luck on your journey! For a little extra motivation, I quit drinking sodas completely and started drinking only water, juice, and tea and I lost 5 lbs in like a week (maybe 2 weeks) It's been a long time. Good Luck!!

Brittany Bankhead-Kendall said...

WOW- you go girl! i LOVE your new background and your header! where did you do that?? hope you have a great weekend!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great. :-) Happy Friday!

Mandie said...

Love the new blog makeover!! Super cute!

Emily said...

I gave up DP and sweet tea about a month ago. I pretty much want to kill myself.

Ben and Jerry's brownie fudge got me through my second pregnancy.