Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I'm up to...


the in laws are coming to town this weekend! My grandfather in law is preaching at church this Sunday, and the whole gang is coming! Yay! But I have lots of cleaning and cooking to do before then.


The Big Bang Theory. Can't get enough - love this show!


The Anti Cancer Diet. This was our Christmas gift from our medical directors, and while it sounds horribly boring, I actually really like it. So there!

Multiple Blessings by Kate Gosselin This book is amazing! I highly recommend it!


Jigsaw puzzles! I've been obsessed lately, and I'm on my 5th 1,000 piece puzzle since January. Yeah, I'm that cool.

Here's my current puzzle:


My friends Ben and Jerry : (


More blog followers! 10?! If the Anti Cancer Diet book and the jigsaw puzzles didn't already make me a loser, then surely this does! Follow me! - you can do it in the side bar ---->


Joining (or whatever you call it) Twitter. I still don't quite see the point, but I can't really be judgmental about that when I blog, facebook, and myspace... Will you lose respect for me if I cave to the trend??

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Mrs. D said...

I LOVE puzzles too! Haha.. I'm following too! I like your blog & so should everyone else! :) I caved into the whole twitter thing.. I update like once a day. If someone asks a question or makes a comment you can reply to them via twitter so it can be helpful. I've only done that like 2 times though! haha.. who am I kidding.. I'm doing it because everyone else is. I wont judge you :)