Saturday, March 28, 2009

Follow Me

Thats right my friends. I'm twittering!

I'm still trying to figure everything out, so if any of you can tell me the app you used to post your twitter feed in blogger, let me know!

Thank you to the 9 blog buddy followers I already have - I felt so welcomed!

Oh, and Coach is twittering also... aggie_ryno

So if you are interested (Mom, Dad, Brenda, and Mike), He will be sending tweets out during his 3rd round playoff game next Tuesday : )


Lil' Woman said...

I still have yet to jump on the twittering not quite sure about it yet.

The Kendalls said...

hey! didn't know if you figured out how to get it on blogger yet, but you should be able to get it pretty easily from here:

hope that helps!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you are on twitter! :)

About Sephora...We definitely have our own transvestite! I even took advice from him...uh...her, well you know what I mean. ;) The advice was really good! lol