Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WWW week 4

Thanks so much for your support over the weeks, guys! It has really meant alot to me! Not drinking Dr Pepper is so freaking hard yall, and its good to know that I not only have supporters here, but accountability also!

Anyway, this week turned out to be fantastic for me, because I lost 4 pounds! I have no clue where that came from, but it made me so glad that I went to every body pump class I could, even though I really really didn't want to on several occasions.

That brings the total loss to 9 pounds! It's really fun to see my body get stronger. I've never really done weights before (I always somehow got out of them in varsity tennis...) but now I'm convinced that its key to having a healthy, super fit body!

Here's my inspiration for next week:

Aren't these adorable? I can't wait until I can buy one!

Edited to add: The brown strapless suit is Juicy Couture, and the purplish tankini is Tommy Bahama


Kayla said...

Great job on the weightloss!!! I just started working out again (after a VERY long break) I refuse to look at the scale more than once a week!! I've noticed a slight change in my pants, though! ANNND my bf has commented TWICE that I'm smaller! YES!!!!!!


Brittany Bankhead-Kendall said...


p.s. i LOOOOOVE that blank tankini. what brand is it?!