Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm back from my brief blogging absence! Here's what's goin on...

  • My bro is getting married next month! We had their first wedding shower this weekend, and it was so much fun! We got to see lots of family and friends, and it made me excited for the wedding! I need a dress though...
  • My sister's birthday on sunday!! Happy 19th Birthday baby Erin! It seems like just last week we were laughing at you goofing off in the bathtub...oh wait, that was last weekend!
  • 11 hours of classes + a full time job will soon be a reality. I registered for the classes I'm taking this summer, and basically I'm retaking some of my science classes to get an A in them, and make my nursing school applications more competitive. It's going to be a crazy summer - Saturdays in July will now include class from 8am - 3pm. oy.
  • We did our taxes this weekend (last minute), and we owe like $350. I immediately went and signed the petition for The Fair Tax plan - such a cool idea. Any of my republican peeps going to a tea party?
  • Soccer season is o-v-e-r! Coach and his team had a great season - making it to the third round of the playoffs, but I'm so happy to have my husband back!
  • Must. take. defensive. driving. I've put it off until the last month (see a trend here?). Any suggestions on online course vs. blockbuster tapes vs. class?
The spring and summer always seem to have so much going on - Do you guys have busy weeks ahead?


C said...

#1- Yay for dress shopping!!
#2- I'll be at a tea party on the 15th too!
#3- Eeek! Sounds like you're going to be busy! Take time to slow down once in a while, k?

- Sarah :-) said...

I didn't know anything about the tea party thing. I'll look into it for sure.

And we have a few busy weeks coming up, but nothign too crazy. I'm mainly looking forward to our pool opening up soon!!!

Mrs. D said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Good luck with summer school! I did it last year and it sucked, so I'm glad to be having this summer off. I was taking Japanese classes though, so I'm sure what you are studying won't be a foreign language to you! Ha!

I took defensive driving 5 years ago with the blockbuster videos.. it wasn't bad. It was just a pain having to do it! I don't know much about the online one though.

Ashley said...

I loved you before, & now I love you even more for being a conservative! ;)