Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I of course, think I have an amazing Dad.

Through true sacrifices, he paid for many years of braces, my college, a beautiful wedding, anything else I ever needed, and too many things I wanted. He sacrificed his dreams of (nice) world travel, being home from work at a decent hour, and maybe even following the OU Women's basketball team around the country watching games. For his kids, he instead, endures places like Baku, Gabon, and...Louisiana. He has a 45 minute commute, works hard and stays late. Then he records basketball games on his pathetic office VCR so he could help someone with Algebra at a moments notice.

Dad, there are so many things you've done that I know that 25 year old father never signed up for. You may not remember this, but once when I was in recovery after surgery, you took over for a nurse that was pulling those adhesive sensors off of me because when you did it, it didn't hurt. I've always remembered that and known it to be a testament to how well you cared for me and loved me!

So, Dad. Happy Father's Day, and thanks for the comedy, the basketball, the polar bear trivia, Hop on Pop and Go Dog Go, 12 years of school lunches, Sleuth, the definition of assuming, teaching me to always justify, explaining the pigs in cars, the final jay and a lay, helping me pass Algebra 1, 2, geometry, pre-cal, and then advising me against taking calculus, the "many, many things" you've taught me, and basically giving me the best childhood I could have ever had.

Love you Dad!
- Sis


d.a.r. said...

So sweet!!

- Sarah :-) said...

How lovey!! *tear

C said...

Aw, how sweet! I love seeing pix of your dress! lol ;)

Becky said...

That was very sweet! Your wedding gown was beautiful...I think that is one of the proudest moments in a Daddy's life and thinks for sharing your picture with us!

Ashley said...

reading this post + listening to Mat Kearney= Tears

love it. :)

Traveling Irishman said...
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Traveling Irishman said...

Sarah - Wow, I'm speechless (I know, I know,everyone's cheering you).

So many nice thoughts and memories! Please belive me when I say that I, too, treasure each and every one of those memories! You were the first to teach me how to be a Dad. If I turned out okay, it means that YOU were a good teacher! Love you - Dad