Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catch up

Hi Friends! I know I’ve been absent for awhile. I’ve missed blogging, but I have been so busy, and then I didn’t know how to even begin sharing all that has happened in the past few months. So, here it all is in bullets:
• I moved to San Antonio!

• Ryan found a great job teaching 8th grade math at his old junior high. He’s even replacing His 8th grade math teacher who is retiring! He’s very excited, and I am too, because that means we can pay our rent, and buy things :)

• We found a beautiful apartment that will be our home the next 14 months. After that, I have no idea what will happen…don’t rush me!

• I started nursing school!

• I started getting an upsetting amount of gray hair, possibly related to the statement above

• Finished a whole semester of nursing courses, and am now 1/4 done!

• Dyed my hair

• Read approximately 2345983 pages of text books. To prove that, I’ll show you only some of my books for the summer semester:

• Learned in my pathophysiology reading that gray hair is in fact genetic and not related to stress…crap.

I am having the best time. I really love San Antonio, and love the change it has brought to my life. School is awesome, and stressful, and exactly where I’m supposed to be. I have lots of fun stories for you, just give me time, and I will deliver!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Yay I'm SO glad you're back! I've missed you!!

Welcome back!

Lil' Woman said...

Welcome back girl! :)

- Sarah :-) said...

How exciting!! Glad you're back, though. I knew something had been missing - it was You!! :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're back! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad you're enjoying SA. (I'm thinking about coming to the TMEA conference there in February- want a houseguest? :) Of course, I'll be 8 months pregnant, so who knows if I'll actually feel like coming.) I hope y'all have found some friends- but don't forget about those of us still back home!