Thursday, August 19, 2010

How I spent my (2 week) summer vacation

I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve had a “summer break.” Since joining the work force in 2007, every day I took off was to go on vacation or knock out a day of doctor’s appointments. When you only have 2 weeks of vacation and a total of 7 holidays a year, you never get to take days off to just lay around and relax. So, since I’m a full time student now, that’s exactly what I did during my break.

side note:  During the first week of my break, I went to Oklahoma to visit my parents, who moved “up north” in July (more on that in a later post), but then I spent the second week of my break doing…nothing.
I started off with a list of things I wanted to get done during the week. Since we just recently moved into our apartment, the list included a lot of things like hanging stuff on the wall, organizing, taking clothes to goodwill, getting caught up on laundry and dishes, and working out everyday.
It’s Thursday afternoon, and here’s what I’ve accomplished this week:
Worked out: 1 time. And actually my right leg started feeling weird half way through my treadmill session, so I decided that the obviously safe thing to do was stop. I pretty sure it’s an allergy to running.
Laundry: I think I’ve done 2 loads. And one load was the one my husband asked me to do today.
Cooking: check. I’ve actually cooked all our meals this week! Go me! And thanks, Pioneer woman!
Trip to Joann’s fabrics: done. I decided that organizing all our desk stuff, and unpacking the last 10 boxes wasn’t as fun of a project as I’d like, so I figured I we need some new curtains for our living room, and drove half way across San Antonio to look at fabric. At least it gave me a reason to get up and brush my teeth before noon.
Reading: Pretty much what I’ve been doing all week. I should finish reading Eat, Pray, Love this week! However, the 12 chapters I’m supposed to read for Pharm remain untouched, and the books I ordered for next semester still sit in their packaging on my kitchen island.
And two for the productivity hall of shame:
  • There’s a letter (stamped and everything) that I’ve been meaning to mail all week, and it’s still sitting on my desk.
  • I have been so lazy about taking our trash out, that when our doorbell rang last night and it was kids offering to take our trash to the dumpster for 50 cents, I told them that if they came back tomorrow, there would be another 50 cents for them.
So, how do you guys enjoy your breaks from work or school? Be productive and get ahead, or be lazy and enjoy life?


Lil' Woman said...

I'm back to work now so my summer has officially ended.

Anonymous said...

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Krista said...

Ha! I'll let you know! My 2-week summer break officially started today! I slept in til 11 a.m. and only worked 4 of the 6 hours I should have... oops :) Good luck with pharm! I just finished that class, it was a killer!