Saturday, May 3, 2008

The youngest Tanner is graduating!

My little sister, Erin is graduating from high school this month and last night we all attended her church senior banquet. It's a really fun event because its so much more personal than a graduation ceremony. Theres a slideshow, parents write a sweet letter to their seniors, and you really get to know alot more about everyone. Jordan and I have both attended when we graduated, and its really hard to believe its Erin's turn.

Here is Erin with her memory board filled with pictures, awards, and other funny stuff.

Congratulations Erin! You are one of the sweetest, prettiest, level-headed girls I know, and I have no doubt you will achieve all the great things you deserve!

Oh, and guess where she's going to college?! WHOOP!

We are looking forward to Ryan's sister's graduation from A&M next weekend!!

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