Friday, June 27, 2008

Random happenings

Well, today has been kind of tough for me.

First of all, my whole family (immediate, and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) is leaving for a family reunion in Ireland tomorrow! Ryan and I can't go because I can't take off from work! :( It will be such a fun trip, and they will see so many cool things, so I can't wait to hear about it when they get back. I'm pretty bummed that I can't go, especially for a reason as stupid as work, but Ryan has already promised to take me to europe some day...

Then, my husband calls me this afternoon and tells me my dad apparantly got fingers jabbed into his eyes playing basketball this morning. Both eyes were hurt, one pretty badly. This morning they were both bleeding with several cuts, and one continues to bleed into the eye. We were worried he wouldn't be alble to fly out tomorrow- which if you know my dad at all, missing a trip to Ireland would be incredibly hard on him. He spent the afternoon at doctors office's and we think its okay for him to fly, but I believe he is going back in the morning to be sure. I will post a picture later (if he lets me). Everyone at work saw the picture, and even the doctors winced. To quote Jordan, it "looks like something from a horror movie"!

Lastly, today was our fellows' last day with us. A fellow is a doctor who has completed his or her residency, and continues on for 1-3 years of subspecialty training. Since they are technically still training, they are usually alot younger, really fun, and don't have the arrogance that some attendings can sometimes have. We've gotten really close to our fellows this year, and its sad that we won't have them around anymore! They are all off to other fellowships or have been hired by various hospitals - mostly out of state : ( They are extremely talented, smart, and fun people and I know they will do great things for medicine!

To continue whining, I ran into a chair today, and have a huge bruise on my leg : ( The doctors say I will live...

Say a quick prayer for safe travels for my family and my dad's recovery! And have a great weekend!

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Summer Fish said...

I hope this week goes better for you!