Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's new?

Sorry for the long blogging absence. It’s been busy, its summer, and oh yeah, there was that whole staph ordeal…I’ll spare you the details.

Big news in the Ratcliff house! August 18th I will start a new job (still at M. D. Anderson) doing something totally different! I will be switching from the clinical side (which I will miss) to the research side. So goodbye scrubs, and hello stress-free living! My title is Research coordinator, and I will be working on 2 very cool, international clinical trials. I will recruit patients and track them throughout the course of their treatment. The two studies I will be working on are grants from the NIH (National Institute of Health) and center around integrative and complementary therapies. The first study is on treating the complications of radiation treatment with acupuncture in Lymphoma/Myeloma patients. The second is a case study on exceptional patients (those who survived against all odds) after the use of complementary therapies (yoga, herbal treatments, eastern medicine, etc.). The cancer research being done at M. D. Anderson is very ground-breaking, and I’m very privileged and excited to be part of the huge team that is making so many life saving discoveries! This is a great step up for me, and I’m really going to enjoy a less stressful working environment, better hours, and a great new boss!
But, I will definitely miss all those free medical supplies : )

In other news: My mom turned 50 this week! Here’s a picture of her at her little birthday shindig. Happy 50th Mom! Doesn’t she look absolutely fantastic?

Have a great weekend everybody – oh and, wash your hands. A LOT! Just trust me on this one…


Brittany said...

hey girl! how EXCITING about your new job!!!! i am SO interested to hear about it all- it sounds SO cool and right up the alley that i am so interested in. if you get a chance- email me (it's on my facebook) with all the fun details, i'd love to hear about it!!

A & D Grigsby said...

Hi Sarah! Congratulations on the new job! Is Ryan getting ready for the start of a new school year? I can't say that I'm disappointed that I'm not :)

Hope you've had a great summer!