Monday, December 22, 2008


Random thoughts and happenings for your Monday morning

* There are 3 people in my hall still working this week. It's actually nice, because I always get way more done when nobody is around to distract me!

* After sending in a text message to a radio morning show about my reasoning for why they should not bring gambling to Galveston, I got a call from the producer asking me to talk about it on air. I declined, mainly because I was put on the spot, and didn't have time to get my thoughts together. I could have been put on the spot for my opinion on lots of things pop culture related, but not gambling!

* Both my alma mater, Katy High School, and Allen High School, where my cousin plays football, won state this weekend!

* There were a lot of commas in that last sentence, and I don't know if I used any of them correctly.

* My cousins were in town for the game, and my abs still hurt from laughing so much. I already miss those kids!

* At a fancy Christmas party on friday I ate a huge forkful of horseradish sauce because I thought it was mashed potatos. It took everything I had to not gag and spit it into my napkin.

* At the same Christmas party, I tied for 1st place in 3 games, and lost the tie breaker all three times. The winners got massage gift certificates, by the way.

* Clothes keep costing me more and more. Things used to be cheap, but now I realize the value of quality, which forced me into a different price category. Then, I've watched too much What Not To Wear, and I need everything to fit perfectly. So then I end up getting alterations done, and wanting to buy custom bras and running shoes. Where does it end?!

* This Christmas will be my first time to not be with my family Christmas day! I've spent 25 Christmases with my parents, so I will be sad to be away from them. The good news is that I have amazing in-laws, and will have a blast in San Antonio!

* There is a woman I run into from time to time at work, and everytime she greets me by name, hugs me, and launches into a whole conversation about my new job, and how much she misses seeing me. I have no clue who this woman is. But I go with it.

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Cute post!!

Traveling Irishman said...

We will miss you at Christmas - but know you will have a wonderful time with your other family! Thank you for the cards, you are such a sweet and thoughtful daughter. Love your blog!

Sarah said...

This post totally explains my life.

Re: the clothing thing. Clothes truly cost me an arm and a leg because they must be absolutely perfect. Because nothing is absolutely perfect, I end up running out and buying whatever I can find right before events, leaving me with a lot of crap I don't like. I guess I'm just going to have to hit the mall a little harder next time.

And bras, I could go on and on about a good bra. Let's just say that my roommates refuse to be shirtless in front of me because they KNOW I will find something wrong about the fit of their bras. I swear I'm not creepy, despite how that comment sounded. Maybe I'm just a nudist or something, who randomly takes her shirt off?

And the woman who came up to you and you have no clue who she is? Yeah, I've totally been there. Actually was there yesterday. Her name escapes me....

Love the blog!!