Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Year In Review

2007 was actually a huge year for me as I graduated from college (in Dec. 2006), started a job, got engaged, and got married. Because of those major life events, 2008's legacy will probably be a year that was filled with adjustments and learning experiences as Ry and I settle into the life that we created. Here are some of the fun and not-so-fun memories from the year.

I caught the worst flu I can remember having. It was pretty rough as a newlywed without my mom to make me soup, pick up medicine, etc. Coach did a great job though, until he caught it. He just didn't know the rule that when you are throwing up, you need someone to bring you a wet washcloth. Now he knows.

Coach turned 26!

This is also when I started my blog, but didn't actually blog again until April...

February - June: Um, I actually can't remember anything that happened in these months. However, this period of time could be referred to the "calm before the storm", because the late summer months seemed to be filled with many "issues" one right after another.

Coach's and I's relationship reached new intimate levels when he was forced to become my personal wound care nurse when I contracted a staph infection. It became an almost month long ordeal complete with pus and excrutiating pain. (Sorry for the TMI moment) Ryan has a special place in heaven after having to deal with me through that experience!

After 4 months of HR and salary negotiations, I got a great new job that I love and makes me very happy!

After several car issues, we retired the Jetta, and I got a brand new CR-V! It wasn't as fun of an experience as I would have imagined it would be, but it was our first experience buying a car by ourselves, so we felt like true adults!

One of the legacies from 2008 will be Hurricane Ike! It was a crazy and new experience all around, but we are thankful that we sustained no damage, and now know what to prepare for next time.

As previously stated, the July, August, and September months were extremely draining on us physically, emotionally, and mentally. As a result of the stress build up, I remember having a melt down when I discovered ants in our bathroom - apparantly my breaking point. The good news is that by the end of September we had finally turned a corner...

I turned 25 years old!

With the election near, my obsession with talk radio, fox news, and politics in general begins...

A great month in the Ratcliff family! Coach and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a suprise trip to the beautiful Sedona, AZ. We had an amazing time, and spent some time relishing how perfect we are for each other. awww!

My little brother, J gets engaged to his love, eventually making her the second Erin Tanner : )

Lastly (on purpose) is the election. Change comes whether you vote for it or not. Here at The Ratpack we officially become what Sean Hannity refers to as "conservatives in exile"

We continue to enjoy a beautiful holiday season complete with cold weather and snow!!
I will spend my first Christmas away from my parents, a true sign of adulthood, I suppose. Coach and I feel continually blessed to be happy and healthy enjoying such a fun and exciting time in our lives!


Traveling Irishman said...

Sis - I know that I don't check this space out often enough, but it's worth it when I do! You are sooooo talented! Dad

Callie said...

I completley forgot to look on here before we left for Texas for the holiday... so obviously I havent sent you a Christmas card... I hope you guys had a wonderful one! :) It just gets better each and every year. Wait till you have a little one, and it just makes the holidays so much more special. :)