Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Do any of you guys have "normal" dreams?

You know, dreams that make sense and could actually happen. I don't. My dreams are always something along the lines of:

I forget to pack a lunch for my field trip to Belgium, so I ride a unicorn to Sarah Palin's house and start swimming in her pool, but the lifeguard (who happens to be my friend from elementary school) tells me to go home because it's Christmas Day and everyone is waiting for me.

Something like that.

Anyway, last night I had a normal dream! I was at a target outlet (which doesn't exist, but should) and I couldn't find anything in my size. I found this really cute pair of red rain boots for $9, and looked all over the store but could only find a size 6.

I was so excited that I finally had a normal dream! Maybe it even means something!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

My dreams are always quite odd.

A few nights ago I had a dream that involved the dog flying to see my parents...like he had wings.

So odd.

Jessica said...

I want a Target outlet!

Anonymous said...

I never have normal dreams either. Usually it is something like...I'm swimming in the depths of the ocean with Ariel the little mermaid and she shows me a trap door that leads to the Herberger's department store in my hometown where I get kidnapped and taken to a racetrack in the desert. For real!

Emily said...

I have weird dreams too. Like I'm having a slumber party at Dillard's and a guy from my soap opera shows up but his hair looks bad so I try to talk him into fixing it when I get trapped in the home section and can't find my way out to go join my party.

Things like that.

And YES a target outlet should exist!

Callie said...

I dont usually remember my dreams, but when I was pregnant with Gibson I remember one dream in particular that was so strange. There was a company that was just getting off the ground and I went to their store. Because of Katrina this person had created a outlet that you could get oxygen out of if your house flooded so you wouldnt drown. You could even test it out in the store, and the store would proceed to fill up with water and you would go over to the outlet and suck air out of it like you would suck air out of the air holes in a hot tub (we were strange kids and did this when we were little)... It was the oddest dream... and now that I am pregnant again the dreams are just as strange but usually I cant remember them by the morning! lol.