Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrity Closets

Over at In you can check out the closets and wardrobes of celebrities and I must say they are beautiful! I dream to have a closet this organized, clean, and HUGE! Not to mention the clothes, shoes, and purses that occupy these amazing spaces.

My closet could look like this. I'd have to get rid of all the soccer cleats, golf clubs and T-Shirts though...

That's a lot of shoes... A little to high maintenance for my taste

It looks like a department store!

I love the door, floors, and see through closet doors!

She needs a ladder to reach all her shoes...jealous?

Ahhh, must be nice! This just reminds me how I need to do some spring cleaning this weekend and make a couple trips to Container Store. Us regular, non celebs have to get creative when we have a mere 5 x 7 closet!

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