Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WWW week 2 and 3

Weekly Weigh In update:

We had to switch our weigh in day this week, so I will give you a recap of last week's stats, and then tell you this week's.

Week 2: I lost 2 pounds! I'm excited, however my fat mass has steadily risen, which is confusing and frustrating. I was advised that I may not be eating enough with all the working out I'm doing, and I tried to add more snacks this week.

and now for this week...


Week 3: I lost 2 pounds and finally my fat mass when down! It is now below the number I started with, so I'm finally on the right track! I was nervous weighing in this morning because we only had 5 days since our last weigh in and I've done weights twice in those 5 days. I guess the cardio is making up for it!

This brings the weight loss total to 5.5 pounds since 2/6

I'm happy with that! 10 weeks to go!


Texan Couture said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

I tagged you in my blog!

Callie said...

You sound like you are right on track girly! CONGRATS!!!

Mrs. D said...

Yay congrats! Keep up the good work!