Wednesday, April 22, 2009


get it?

Anyways. Thank you all so much for your info on the Shred DVD. I ordered it last night, and it will be here on Friday! Not 10 minutes after I ordered it, I discovered I have Exercise TV On Demand - for free! Do any of you know you have this?? It's awesome! It has the Shred workout (which of course I just paid for), Bob Harper's yoga plus all Jillian's other stuff, Carmen Electra's videos, The Girls Next Door workouts, and tons of others! Look into it, especially AT&T Uverse peeps because I had no idea I had it!

Lately Coach and I have been playing lots of tennis for exercise. I played lots as a kid and on my high school team, but not much since. It's so much fun, and its really the only opportunity I have to get any sort of tan. But anytime I start something like this, I immediately want the cute workout clothes that go with the sport.

You know?

Well, I will let you know how Shred goes. And thanks again for all your great advice!


Mrs. D said...

I wish I had that tv channel!! It sounds amazing! I would totally play tennis with you if we lived closer!

C said...

Yay!! Let us know how it goes!!

Callie said...

All I remember about tennis was the gab time Megan, Brittney, you and I got. :) It was a blast all those years ago. I think I could have at least been decent at the sport had Coach Buck given me a chance instead of him always saying "go hit balls against the backboard"... UGH! lol.

p.s. I still think its funny that all three of you girls hated the sand hills so much on that trip you got to take that I didnt get a signature for and couldnt go on. ;) Silly girls... sand hills is the Bomb!!!

Also all these memories make me miss you... we should try harder to have a get together! :)

Anonymous said...

You're making me want to take up tennis--not particularly for the health benefits but for the super cute outfits!

Lil' Woman said...

Good luck on the Shred, I'm thinkin about getting it myself.

Anonymous said...

Cute tennis clothes! I love exerciseTV, especially for their sports workouts. here is my favorite tennis one:

on the Rhoads of life said...

Great tip on the Excercise on Demand- I was about to order the 30 Day Shred & thanks to you- discovered that I have it on my TV - Woohoo!!! :-)