Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer Plans

I know there are a few family members who read my blog to see what Ryan and I are up to, but instead you find yourselves reading about Dancing with the Stars, diets, and work drama. So I thought I would spare you my normal ramblings today, and give my family a look at what we are up to this summer.

  • Work is going well – cancer research seems to be really booming under Obama, so my job is pretty safe.My acupuncture study is coming to a close, and I’m really excited to be starting a new study on fatigue in breast cancer patients.It’s like a mini job change, I love my new group, and will probably start with them mid May.

  • It’s back to school time for me! This summer I will take the first of 4 classes I need for nursing school. They are mostly online classes, but I will be very busy this summer through the end of the year with a full time job, classes, entrance exams, and applications. Let’s just say Ryan’s going to learn to cook this summer…
  • Nursing school starts in August 2010, and I’m applying to about 5 schools in Houston and Oklahoma. When we find out where I get in, we plan on buying (and decorating!) a house there.
  • Ryan has several prospective jobs lined up for this summer. Several people have asked him about private swimming lessons, and has an offer to coach a neighborhood swim team. I think he really wants to get a gig at a golf course, so he can play all summer, but he will probably end up doing a combination of those.
  • For the second year, Ryan will be a church camp counselor at the camp I went to growing up. It’s for a week in June and he has a blast, and I know the kids love him as well – especially those little pre campers!
  • In work news, it appears that Ryan will graduate to teaching geometry next year – no algebra at all! I’m not sure how he feels about that, but I think it’s exciting!

So by now you can probably tell which one of us has an exciting outdoor summer planned, and which one will develop Rickets from all the boring indoor activities : )

Ryan and I also have the pleasure of going on a vacation to visit some friends in Salem, Oregon. It’s my 3rd time to go, but I am excited about taking Ryan and my family. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and it will be awesome to escape Houston and school for a week in July!

Thanks for taking time to read this and care about our lives – it really means a lot to us! I will be back to regularly scheduled programming later this week, featuring some beauty product reviews and even some useless celebrity gossip! Get excited!


Lindsey said...

You both are going to be so busy this summer!

C said...

I'm not family (unless being "twins" counts ') ) but I totally wish my summer were going to be more outside as well!! :)

Lindsey said...

I didn't follow a special meal plan, I just wrote down everything I ate along with the calories. I tried to keep it at 1000 cals a day, but max 1200 to lose.=)

Mrs. D said...

Good luck with school this summer!! I am still trying to decide if I am going to take classes! I sure don't want to!