Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The test

Question:  How can you be sure that nursing test you just took was the most unprofessionally run thing ever?

Answer:  During the middle of a timed writing segment, a proctor comes over to you and whispers "Where did you get your purse?  It's really cute."

Question:  How can you be sure you did terrible on said exam?

Answer:  You pace yourself reading passages based on how many questions you have left, and then realize with 5 minutes left that there are more questions with another passage on the next page.  CCCCCC for the last 6 answers it is!


At least I'm done!  For awhile last week I was scaring myself, when after hours of practicing I was starting to think fractions were fun.  Obviously this process is starting to mess with my head! : )

1 comment:

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Yay for being finished!

Although I can't believe she asked you about your purse during the test... that's insane!