Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick DIY

I was feeling kinda crafty over labor day, so I decided to frame my wedding stationary!  I looove paper products and stationary, and all my wedding stuff matches my decor, so I loved the way it turned out.

I just bought fabric at hobby lobby to line the back of the shadowbox, and posted everything in with sewing pins.  I included our invitations, save the date, program, and some shower invites.

Now I just have to figure out where to hang it.  My orignial thought was to hang it in this blank space in our bathroom.  But now I wonder will the steam from the shower condensate the glass or mess up my paper?  I don't know - I dropped college physics...?  Or is that a chemistry thing?  Whatever.

Now I'm thinking about putting it somewhere in our bedroom, because all the colors match so well.  I had to make my bed just to take this picture, so you're welcome.

So what do you think - bedroom?  Or is that too matchy? 


Stephen and Larissa said...

No I think it would definitely work in your bedroom without being too matchy

Summer said...

I vote bedroom!!! You did a fantastic job!!

- Sarah :-) said...

I think it'd look great in the bedroom! but what about your living room area, so people can see it... will it match there?

Anonymous said...

So cute! My next craft project is a wedding memory shadowbox and if it looks anything like yours I'll be so happy. :) I think I'd put it in the bedroom or a hallway/living space...I'd be super nervous about it being in the bathroom and getting damp from moisture.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I vote bedroom!! It looks beautiful!