Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's talk about TV shows!

My random TV related thoughts:

 I love fall premiere time!  Lately I've been getting done with my classes a little early, and let me tell you, summer daytime tv is a drag!  There's not a single show on all 600 channels that I could stand to watch.  Now, I have a DVR full of good shows to keep me busy before I start on my homework.

You know who I want as my friend?  Adam Richman from Man V. Food.  We love this show! I would definitely share a 3 lb cinnamon roll with him. 

Have you watched Modern Family?  If you haven't you NEED to.  It's the funniest show I've seen in a long time.  I'm totally obsessed with the Cam character.  Everything he says makes me die laughing - he can be my friend too. 
 Side note:  Before I had ever heard of this show, I heard a preacher mention it, and how sad it is that this is what families have become (disrespectful kids, divorce, homosexual marriages, etc).  Ryan leaned over to me and said "I think I know what show he's talking about, and it kind of looks hilarious".  He was right - oops.

My other obsession - Bob Harper.  Is it just me, or is he not the most gorgeous man on TV?  I can't believe I'm typing that, but it's true.  I can't handle watching the first episodes of each Biggest Loser season, though.  Ugly crying is not my idea of a fun night in front of the tv.  I like it better when they yell!

At the risk of many of you not being my friend anymore, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by Sister Wives on TLC.  And yes, that name makes me want to gag.  I saw a documentary on this subject awhile back, and it's like a car wreck situation, and I can't look away.

If I have time, I would love to start watching The Good Wife from last season.  I saw one episode, and really liked it, so I want to start it from the beginning.  I'm not typically a drama fan, but it hooked me in that one episode.

You might assume that I won't be watching very much tv this fall because of that little thing called nursing school.  Well, you'd be wrong.  It's all about priorities.  Plus, I force myself to listen to every prescription drug commerical and quiz myself on the side effects.  So really, it's like I'm studying.

What are your must see shows?  Or do you have more of a life?  Comment and tell me what that's like :)


Lil' Woman said...

I love Modern Family....probably one of the funniest shows and realistic look on 'modern families'

Callie said...

Some of my favorites are The Middle... hilarious... I just wish it were longer than 30 min.
Any Law & Order SVU, and I am looking forward to Law & Order Los Angeles, as well as CSI Miami, and CSI New York.
Just started watching The Whole Truth.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway.
Of course I also am into Biggest Loser! Bob is a heartthrob! Love him! I wish he could be my personal trainer actually.
I guess I am really into tv. hahaha!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Girl, I have so many fav shows that I can't even remember them all.

I too am intrigued by Sister Wives. Train wreck, I agree.

I like Modern Family too - it's fantastic and I love the cast.

I'm always watching Grey's, Private Practice, NCIS & NCIS: LA, Project Runway, Desperate Housewives... and I'm sure there is more but I'm embarrassed by my long list!

Emily said...

Sister Wives? Yes please! I've been dying to watch that show since I saw the promos. And I'm not even embarrassed by it! Plus, it comes on after my FAVORITE show -- Hoarding. My obsession with hoarding shows deserves it's very own blog post.

Summer said...

Modern Family is one of our "guilty pleasures"! I was talking with a friend from our church who is a deacon's wife, and she said they secretly love it too!! We are watching Glee, the first half of Raising Hope (gets picked up on the end of the Glee recording), House, and of course Grey's and Private Practice.