Wednesday, March 18, 2009

random thoughts about reality tv

So I saw a recap of Dancing with the Stars on E! news or something, and was wondering, does anyone know if Belinda Carlisle has had plastic surgery?

I think she looks really good! I mean, I'm sure she has had something done, but I don't think its obvious, right? I think her skin looks flawless. Seriously, hook me up with that doctor when I'm 50!

What do you think?

Do any of you guys watch Biggest Loser? I love this season! Anyway, I can't understand why the blue team allows Fillipe and Sione to work out with them and use their trainer! Especially when they have lost weigh ins like 4 weeks in a row! I wouldn't want my trainer helping the other team and taking time away from me. I think the blue team should try to vote them out since they are basically on their team now!

Oh my gosh, I love that Mike! Isn't he the sweetest? I want him to win!

So, who would you pick as your trainer? I used to say Bob, because he is really hot, and I think that I would work hard to not try to embarrass myself in front of him, plus he's really nice. But after this season, I think I've changed my mind.

I'm thinking this chick could scare motivate me enough to lose some weight!

So I added a new poll to the sidebar - who would YOU pick as your trainer?


CTB said...

I vote Jillian because I just got one of her workout dvds and it kicked my butt. I couldn't imagine having her there in person!

Nessa said...

I so would go with Jillian as well!! I know Bob's cuter, but Jillian would kick my butt!!!